Sniffing At My Thoughts 

“Would you please stop sniffing at my thoughts?”*
Stop leaving little wafts of yourself all over my mind
Intertwined in my nerves, brushed in my memories, stuck on my membranes
Stop inhaling my scent as if it’s yours’ to acquire
Breathing me in and breathing you out
Stop leaving particles of yourself behind
Attached to my heart, impossible to remove, painful to remain
Stop trying to sense my vulnerabilities
Figuring out the parts of me I don’t want you to know

“Would you please stop sniffing at my thoughts?”
Stop hunting for my blood
Trying to take the parts of me I don’t want to give up
Stop showing your teeth
Latched onto my insecurities, poised to jump, take what you want
Stop trying to compete with me
Knowing you will win, leaving me broken
Stop biting into my heart
Filled with particles of pain and illusion

“Would you please stop sniffing at my thoughts?”
Stop smelling the pages
Marked with your presence
Stop reading my words
Longing for your actions, aching for your presence, bleeding for your soul
Stop reading my thoughts
Locked up, loaded down, covered up
Stop trying to detect my secrets
Becoming my greatest vulnerability

“Would you please stop sniffing at my thoughts?”
Stop kissing the shores of my heart
Leaving me weak, hurt, and vulnerable
Stop acting as if my presence pains you
Allowing my presence to crave yours’
Stop allowing your actions to speak louder than your words
Exhaling neither, showing none, believing both
Stop complicating my mind
Unrestrained, unattainable, irresistible

*This quote came up in one of my classes last week, and I couldn’t get it out of my head. There are so many ways to interpret it, and I couldn’t make up my mind. So, I went with all of them. And, I think this accurately describes a lot of the emotions I have been having during these first few weeks of college in relation to certain situations.



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