A Brazilian Languages

Apparently this whole Brazil trip is going to be a lot like my Kenya trip when it comes to blog titles. So, be prepared for a Brazilian series of overdone puns. #sorrynotsorry Anyway, this post is actually a link to my post on the group's trip blog. I wanted to post it here too because … Continue reading A Brazilian Languages


A Brazilian Homes

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the once in a lifetime opportunity I've been given to go to Brazil. And today, I had my first day in this wonderful place. If you didn't read my last post, or in case you forgot, I'll mention again that, oftentimes recently, I've been feeling restless. And sometimes, I feel so … Continue reading A Brazilian Homes

Wait, What? Oh, Yeah. It’s Valentine’s Day.

This post actually makes no sense. But neither does my life right now. And it actually has not really anything to do with Valentine's Day. But neither does my life. So, Happy Valentine's Day. It's Valentine's Day again. *insert whatever reaction here*  And I could write another post about my thoughts on Valentine's Day, but that's … Continue reading Wait, What? Oh, Yeah. It’s Valentine’s Day.