About Me

I’m just a young person, trying to navigate life and follow God’s plan. I drink too much coffee and read a lot, but not enough books. My passions range from the Bible, to science to literature to just about anything. I love learning- history, English, French, physics, whatever. I love gaining knowledge and figuring out how things work. I was a synchronized swimmer in high school, but please never ask me to show you my skills— I don’t have any, I promise. I do, however, have 26 books of the Bible memorized and am always working on learning more. I was a Free Methodist Bible Quizzer for 7 years, and I now coach and Quizmaster. Dark chocolate and peanut butter are the key to my heart. I am hard of seeing, because of ocular albinism, and it’s a daily fight to not let that define me or take over my life. And so far, I have won more of those fights than I have lost. I am an unapologetic nerd who loves gaining knowledge, reading, and solving complex differential equations, but also loves sleeping, adventuring, and watching football.  I try to live my life to honor God, follow God’s will, and be a light for the world.

I don’t know exactly where God has called me, and what I am called to do, but I know the One who Calls me. And, I know that “His thoughts are not my thoughts, nor His ways my ways.” And, above all, I know God’s Word— Words of Love.

“But sometimes, words are hard. And sometimes, the Words of Love can be even harder. And sometimes it takes words of love to help you understand what love is and who Love is. But man, am I grateful for all kinds of words of love…” -Rebekah Distaffen, Words of Love. February 17 2018.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Rebekah. It’s great to catch a bit of your story, especially as it relates to quizzing. Many of us share your experience. After quizzing for 6 years, and now being involved as an adult since 1990, I identify with so much of what you wrote! My 4 kids have been involved every year since 2003 with 3 more years to go. It’s been a generational blessing, as my parents have both been involved in some form of quizzing all the way back to the 60’s.

    As with anything we are passionate about, we have to make sure Jesus is Lord and quizzing isn’t. But keep investing, and loving young (and old) people and watch fruit happen!


    Marvin Earl Gray
    Aldersgate Free Methodist Church, Indianapolis
    Formerly of Rainier Avenue FM Church, Seattle
    and McPherson FM, McPherson, KS

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