Kenya? Apparently Our Bags Can’t.

Okay, so you know how you always hear those stories around and you always think it’ll never happen to you. Well, it happened to us. Our luggage got lost at the airport. Or rather, it didn’t get put on our connecting flight from Paris to Kenya. It apparently wanted to sight see a little bit. I’m jealous. But anyway, we went the first day without luggage. 

And when this situation arose, I had many emotions. Understandably, I was frustrated, sad, and upset all in one. What a way to start a missions trip- no luggage. It was an interesting experience.

On the plus side, we didn’t have to drag all of our luggage from the airport to our guesthouse, trying to squeeze 14 people and 27 bags plus our carry-ons onto a small bus. We were so exhausted we didn’t want to do anything that night but sleep anyway, so we didn’t have to try to lug our luggage. On the negative side, I didn’t have sunscreen and my allergy medicine, which meant my first day was filled with sneezing and the constant fear or being burned to death. (And I got a little pink, but it’s hardly anything. It’s not bad.) 

So, we got to our guesthouse, and the girls began sorting out who had enough clothes to share with those who didn’t. And we talked about what we were doing the next day and when, and then we went to bed. And we woke up the next day, some of us wearing borrowed clothes or clothes we had worn for 36 some hours straight. But, we got up, had breakfast, and began our day. Thankfully, it was a pretty low key day with not a lot to do. We exchanged our money, had some lunch, and then headed over to the school. We watched some Quizzing, hung out with the kids, and even quizzed an “all-star” team made up of the Quizzers who had quizzed out during the rounds. We then left, had dinner, and went back to play games and wait for our luggage to arrive. And although some of us hadn’t showered in over 48 hours, or hadn’t changed shirts in at least that long, we had fun. We laughed. We talked. We experienced new culture, and we learned new things. 

This experience was an interesting one. I was worried, and frustrated, and mad all in one. But, despite it all, I was okay. Our team was okay. We survived. And, although it was a very unfortunate situation, it was an important experience. It began our trip by forcing us to trust God completely. It forced us to believe in Him despite unfortunate circumstances. We all got a lesson in preparedness. And, we now have a great story to tell. So, it may have been frustrating or sad or whatever, but we are better for it. And I believe it has set the precedent for the trip- blind faith in God. So, yes, we went a full day without our luggage, but we had a full day of laughs and love, and that’s more important anyway. 

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