Kenya Post? 6 Months Later.

A little over six months ago, I returned from a missions trip to Kenya. (If you want to hear about those adventures, here is a link to those posts). And a lot has happened since then. I started college and survived my first semester. I went to my first Quiz practice as a coach. I Quizmastered my … Continue reading Kenya Post? 6 Months Later.


Kenya Post? After Kenya. 

Last week, I came back from Kenya. I have written posts about what my group did while we were there, but now that I have returned and had a few days to recover, reflect, and regroup, I want to talk about how it all affected me. Because it did affect me, a lot. And it … Continue reading Kenya Post? After Kenya. 

Kenya Church? The Kenyans Can. 

On Sunday, I had my first experience at a church not in the United States, and it was an interesting experience. Everything you have ever heard about African churches is totally and completely correct. They are upbeat, welcoming, and crazy. There is dancing, clapping, greetings, and singing. And for me, that was a bit of … Continue reading Kenya Church? The Kenyans Can. 

Kenya Wait? I African’t.

Recently, there have been many heart breaking stories in the news. The Brock Turner case, the Orlando shooting, the tragic death of Christina Grimmie, and, unfortunately, so many more.  And I want to be able to write about these tragedies, but I can't. Because I don't really have words, at least not yet. So, instead, … Continue reading Kenya Wait? I African’t.