Thank You

Tonight was the testimony service at Nationals, which is one of the greatest parts. I love hearing about how Quizzing has impacted others lives. There are a few things that I just have to say about Quizzing and its impact on my life.
First, I love Quizzing. It is one of the best things in my life. I have always been a competitive person, but due to my horrible athleticism and even worse eyesight, sports have never been my thing. Quizzing is way to express my competitive side in a friendly and loving environment. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I especially love my church and our conference. Our coaches always make Quizzing fun. There are few, if any, restrictions on who can and cannot come to Nationals and to tournaments, and they coach in such a way that even if you never know any of the answers you still feel like you are a part of a family. Also, within our conference, everyone is nice and everyone truly cares about and loves everyone. When you lose a quiz, and the other team says, “Good quiz,” you know they mean it. Everyone believes in each other and supports each other. It is truly amazing.
Second, Quizzing is one of the greatest things to happen to me. (For more on that go to my other posts here and here). I used to, although I had the why mostly right, be very intense and care a lot about winning. I would be very upset when we lost, especially at the Nationals level. However, this year was stressful due to school work and things. But I am glad I continued with Quizzing, because I learned a lot about it in just one year. I didn’t do nearly as well this year as in previous years, but I eventually came to the decision that that didn’t matter. I even got to point where, when eliminated at Nationals by a team from our Conference, I wasn’t in the least bit upset, even though we answered none of the questions. In fact, I was proud and happy for them. They deserved to win, and I was so proud of them and all the teams in the Genesis Conference.
Finally, I want to thank Bible Quizzers everywhere, particularly those in my Conference. You are all awesome! Losing is not a horrible, sad, and unfortunate thing when you are a Bible Quizzer. The team who eliminated us all congratulated us and were sincere and nice about it. There was no condescension or arrogance in their voices at all, and there never is. They are all really nice. Any team who beats us, or anyone, particularly those teams in our Conference, are so nice and sincere and supportive. After we were eliminated, I went to support another team from my Conference and, although they lost, they congratulated thhr other team and sincerely wished them good luck. I truly love Quizzers and Quizzing. I have been able to realize this year that no one is judging me based on how well I can Quiz or how well I have done in previous years or months. In fact, no one is judging me at all. They only care about your relationship with God and others, and they all want to encourage you in those relationships. Thanks Quizzers. Because of Quizzing, I have grown and matured as a person, I have learned important life lessons, and I have gained great new relationships.

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