On Quizzing and Life

Last weekend, I took a trip with my Bible Quiz Team to Conference Finals. Every year, there is a testimony service on Saturday night, in which Quizzers are encouraged to share stores about Quizzing and their lives. I was able to get up and share some personal information about my life and the impact of Quizzing, and although those who know me may find it strange, I am actually scared of talking in front of a lot of people. However, I was able to overcome that fear, but because of the fear, my elegant thoughts were unable to be reciprocated out of my mouth. This is my testimony about my life this year and the impact that Quizzing has had.

Bible Quizzing has impacted my life a lot throughout my 5 years of participating, especially this year. When I began Quizzing, I, like a lot of Quizzers, did it for the competition, mostly because being, to be politically correct, visually impaired, and not athletic, made it difficult to satisfy my competitive side. However, I eventually began to Quiz for the right purposes, to hide God’s word in my heart and grow closer to Him. However, this year was a difficult year for me. I didn’t undergo any major crisis or struggle, but I did struggle. This year, I decided to take some really difficult classes. I didn’t necessarily want to take them. They were beneficial, one I can even get college credit for if I manage to pass an exam that I took in May. However, I wasn’t 100 percent sure that I wanted to take these classes, although I don’t regret it. I think I took these classes partially so others would think I was smart, and so that I could prove myself to others. Also, I am the youngest one in my family with two older sisters. Both of my sisters are incredibly intelligent, very kind, and are, or were, good Quizzers. I have felt some pressure my whole life. Pressure to be better, pressure to live up to expectations, and pressure to succeed. I did it to show others I could. Because these classes were so tough and had more work involved, I spent many nights up until 1 or even later either doing work or stressing about all the work that had to be done. I got to a point where, after not doing as well as I had done previously at tournaments, I gave up. Quizzing had begun to take a backseat because of everything else I had to do, between homework and synchronized swimming practice. I said to myself it wasn’t worth it because I wasn’t a good Quizzer anyway, and I felt inadequate. So, I made up excuses for not studying, some of which were real, and began to put aside anything involving Quizzing. Due to lack of time and amount of homework, I attended about 10 quiz practices from February to May. I was tired of working at something if I wasn’t going to be good at it.

Then, something changed. I am not sure exactly what it was. There just came a point where I decided that life was more important than grades and how I do in Quizzing. It doesn’t matter if I am a great Quizzer or even a good Quizzer. All that matters is that I love God and live my life for Him.

Quizzing is very important to me, and I wanted to say thanks. Thanks to every Quizzer out there, because I know I can talk to each and every one of you. I know I can go up to any one of you, whether I know you that well or not, and talk, talk about anything I am struggling with or anything on my mind. I also thank you for always being there because without you, I probably would have given up on studying even though I know why I Bible Quiz, because for a time I forgot. When I walk out of a room, I see the faces of those who won and those who lost. They are always joyful and happy and everyone is friends with everyone. When I watch someone get the first question they have gotten right all day or quiz our for the first time in their quizzing career and see their face light up, I am overcome with joy and reminded of the real reason of Quizzing. I love Quizzing, and without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today in my relationship with God, myself, and others. It has not only helped me this year with my life, but over the years it has helped me mature and grow.

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