Doubtfully Trusting

When you're driving, it's probably a good idea to know where your destination is. If you're going somewhere but you have no idea how to get there, you'll probably end up lost, confused, and stressed out. So, before you leave, you put the address in your GPS and trust it to guide you to your … Continue reading Doubtfully Trusting

Major Life Update 

I've always been a stubborn person with a "fight through it" attitude and a strong intention to follow through with everything I commit to. I remember when I was little, my parents would put a baby gate in front of the staircase. And I, being the stubborn and determined child I was, would promptly push … Continue reading Major Life Update 

Sniffing At My Thoughts 

“Would you please stop sniffing at my thoughts?”* Stop leaving little wafts of yourself all over my mind Intertwined in my nerves, brushed in my memories, stuck on my membranes Stop inhaling my scent as if it’s yours’ to acquire Breathing me in and breathing you out Stop leaving particles of yourself behind Attached to … Continue reading Sniffing At My Thoughts