The God of My Chaos

"I feel I am being called to ministry." There, I finally said the words I know I should have said long ago. The words I had always been avoiding saying. Not because they were words I didn't want to say, or because they were bad words to say, but because saying them meant two things. … Continue reading The God of My Chaos


The God of the Stillness

I have been thinking a lot lately, mostly about my future. Because my life has been a whirlwind of a journey and the ending is nowhere in sight. In May, I went to Brazil, and while I was hiking the beautiful waterfalls, I was awestruck and reminded of something so simple yet so unimaginably profound. … Continue reading The God of the Stillness

Kenya Believe It? I African

Fellow Quizzers, Kenya adventurers, and, most importantly, dear friends, You're going to Kenya?! I remember being exactly where you are-- sitting at home, going about my life, acting like everything is normal, all the while knowing deep down everything was definitely not normal. I remember being completely terrified and excited at the same time. My … Continue reading Kenya Believe It? I African

A Response To ‘An Open Letter to Those Who Are (and Aren’t) in My Group’

Recently, you wrote a letter to those inside, and outside, of your group. And I shared it, because I wanted you, and everyone else who's in your group, to know that you're seen. loved, and not alone. I shared it with these words: "Hey, sister, I see you. And I’m proud of you. Because, despite the fact … Continue reading A Response To ‘An Open Letter to Those Who Are (and Aren’t) in My Group’