Why I Am Choosing To Reject Valentine’s Day

This year, I am choosing to reject Valentine’s Day and all its practices and social obligations (although if you want to buy me chocolate I wouldn’t complain.) I am choosing to do this not because I don’t have a “significant other” to spend it with, but because I find no reason for it, and believe it is a useless holiday. I mean, why is there a holiday devoted to telling those you love that you love them? Why is there a special day for that? If you truly love them, you won’t need a special day to tell them. You will continually showthem you love them, no special day needed. Also, those single people continually complain about being alone. Get over it, stop complaining. If you want a “significant other,” stop posting your complaints on Facbook, and go make something of yourself and show everyone your true, kind, beautiful self. Another thing about Valentine’s Day is the obligations. Those who do have significant others feel obligated. They feel obligated to buy things, and say things, when in all honesty, buying things isn’t how you should show your love. If you want to buy things, be my guest, but how about telling your love how you feel about him or her, or showing it, just sit with him or her and talk with each other; that’s all most people want anyway. Try giving the gift of your time, character, and company instead of the chocolates, jewelry, and flowers that society finds necessary for an acceptable Valentine’s Day. Finally, for those of us, like me, who couldn’t care less about Valentines Day, who’s dating who, and having a boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s just annoying. All this bustle in the school hallways to buy a flower to give to that special someone, all those girls carrying around flowers, teddy bears, and chocolate, making my allergies go crazy, and all those annoying couples kissing, it’s quite aggravating. While all the other girls my age are freaking out about whether or not the boy they like will give them a flower, I am holding my nose to keep from sneezing from the roses. I am more hoping I will have enough money to buy myself some discount chocolate the next day. People think it is weird when I say I don’t mind being alone on Valentine’s Day or that I don’t care that I don’t have a boyfriend, but I say if I don’t want one, why should it matter? I’m not allowed to date until after I am married anyway.

So, what will I be doing on Valentine’s Day while everyone else is searching for a valentine? I will be at home in my warm pajamas. I will be surrounded by family, who don’t need Valentine’s Day to show love. I will be spending it with with my first and greatest love. A man, who years ago said to me, “Rebekah, I love you so much, that although you constantly fail me, I will still die for you, so you can be with me forever, and you can always have a relationship with me.” A man who loved me so much, He stretched out his hands and hung on a cross so that I could live with Him forever, and with those same hands, He picks me up when I fall. A man who decided I was so beautiful, He made all the flowers in the world and gave them to me for my enjoyment and happiness. He is someone who decided that I was worth more than His own life. A man who loves me more than any human ever could, and who knows that it is worth spending Valentine’s Day alone because eventually He will bring someone into my life who will love me enough to love Him more. I will spend Valentine’s Day with a man who brought the entire world into existence, and made all people, and who still decides I am worth His sacrifice despite how undeserving I am. He gave me a life, and gave up His. What man would do that for you?

So, I will spend my Valentines Day at home with my Bible, alone, yet surrounded by love, because every day, I am living a love story. It’s a story whose author is love itself. A story that no human could ever write or emulate. I live a love story of death and eternity, and unconditional, always present, love. My life is a love story and my love is the creator of love itself– Himself. That’s how I am celebrating my Valentines Day.

5 thoughts on “Why I Am Choosing To Reject Valentine’s Day

  1. Interesting thoughts. I would like to encourage you though, that just because you may or may not be in a relationship, does not mean you should criticize others who are in one. Try to be positive for them. In general, it is important to celebrate others and to put them above yourself. Valentines day may be one of the only times that people in a relationship (or people that just want to be nice) actually go out of their way to not live a selfish lifestyle, and put in that extra effort for people. I am not disregarding the fact that many people are very selfish and do many things out of a motive of self interest, but I think it is important not to forget that that we should live in a hopeful state about society.
    I would also caution you in regards to using a “Jesus Juke.”

    1. Thanks for the input, I do appreciate it. I was not trying to criticize those who are in a relationship, I was attempting to encourage them and bring insight. I do not actually care what people do on Valentine’s Day, and I understand it may be one of the only times people do nice things for others, but I was just giving my opinion about what I think. I think if you are in a relationship, you should show him or her you love him or her on days besides Valentine’s Day. I do think living in a hopeful state about society is good too. I wasn’t trying to use a “Jesus Juke,” I was merely stating my opinion and my view on life. Thanks for the suggestions, I really appreciate them. I will try to take them into account next time.

      1. It is really cool for you to be thinking about these things, processing them and then blogging about them. Keep up the good work!

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