Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and there is a lot to be thankful for. We all have those material things for which we are thankful, you know, your family and friends, money, your house. and so on. I am thankful for my wonderful, loving family and friends, who have always been, and always will be, there for me. I am also thankful that I have a roof over my head and food to eat, and although my family may not be the richest, or most well-off, we have enough. I’m thankful for microwave popcorn and trig take home quizzes. I am thankful for the ability to speak, and hear, and see, although not as perfectly as most. I am thankful that warm sweatshirts and sweatpants exist and that dark chocolate M and M’s were created. I’m thankful for the beautiful leaves and snow during the autumn and winter, and the beauty of God’s creation.

We all need to be thankful. We all have something; although we may not have the coolest clothes, we have clothes. We may not have a beautiful new car, but some barely have clean water. We may not have the newest phone, but some don’t even have food to eat. We complain about not having the latest and greatest, when some barely have anything. We live on more than enough, while some have less than what’s needed. I am thankful that I have food and water and shelter and a loving family. But, above all, I am thankful for my life.

I am thankful that I am alive and am able to live free. I am no longer bound by my failures, or sins. I no longer have to carry the weight of my burdens, or walk in the dark. Because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, I, an imperfect being, am allowed to live. A perfect savior died so I could have life, and not only me, but everyone. There is a point in life, where we realized we are drowning in a sea of our mistakes and failures; we are sinking below the surface, suffocated by our pain, unable to breathe. We are surrounded by a pressing darkness, and blinded by our own ignorance, shame, and hurt. We struggle to survive. But, Christ came so that we don’t have to struggle. Instead, His scarlet blood covers us and we are washed white; His love surrounds us, and we are freed; our chains are cut, and we no longer live in the shame of our sin. He is always there for anyone who asks; He is willing to save us, even though we continually fail Him. He is perfect, and He chose to die so we could have life. His wounds cover ours, all we have to do is believe in Him, confess our sins, and commit ourselves to Him. We drown now in His love and mercy, and we are wrapped in His arms. I am grateful for His great sacrifice. He was beaten, mocked, and scorned, for me, for you. Although He never sinned, and had no reason to be crucified, He made a choice to save us by His death. I am thankful that I live in the light and am not drowning in the depths of my shame and regret, and that I have a loving savior. I am thankful that I am no longer living based on my mistakes; and that a perfect man died for me so I don’t have to, and although death is physically inevitable, I will live eternally in paradise. I am grateful for His sacrifice and love, because without it, I would fall everyday, and never have the strength to get back up.

I am glad that I have those material possessions that make life bearable or more comfortable, but ultimately I am more grateful for my life, and how I can freely live in Christ, because no matter how much “stuff” you do, or don’t, have, we were all made by a God whose love and mercy save us everyday, and for that, we should all be thankful; whether we have more than enough, or hardly any at all, we have a reason to live and a love that saves us.

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