Cafeteria Comfort Zone

      Recently I have been challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone and find ways to show God’s love to others and be a beacon of His light, and today an opportunity presented itself. I was eating lunch at school, and I noticed that there was a girl sitting alone. I had noticed her before, but I never really gave it a second thought; I just continued on my way and pretended like it didn’t matter. But today, I felt something as I was walking by her table. I felt a pull on my heart and I could feel the Lord telling me, “You have to go and talk to her. Invite her to sit with you.” So, despite my discomfort, I finally gained the courage to go over and talk to her. I asked her to sit with my friends and me, and without hesitation, she agreed. That was humbling to me. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I had never felt anything quite like it. Yes, it was a little bit uncomfortable for me, as well as for my friends, because they had no idea I was going to invite some stranger to sit at our table, but it was worth the discomfort when I saw the look of joy on her face. I don’t know how my friends feel about this situation, but in that moment,  I din’t care; I only cared about making someone’s day. 

     This experience was a very humbling one to me. I had once been the girl who sat alone and didn’t talk to anyone. I used to just shrug it off, look like I didn’t care, and tell myself I liked sitting alone, but the truth is, I hated it. Everyday I would dread the 45 minutes I would have to sit by myself and pretend to be happy. So, although it took me a few weeks to realize what I had to do, I did it with humility and joy. I know that I was incredibly thankful when my friends invited me to sit with them, and I wanted to pass on the favor and act like Jesus would. I hoped that, even if she had said no, I would be able to make  her feel the same way I did, and that I could make her feel like she was loved and that she is worth something, because nothing is more belittling than sitting alone in a room filled with a hundred people.

       Although asking this girl to sit with me took a lot of courage and was out of my comfort zone, it was something that needed to be done. I actually have difficulty talking to others, especially in school, because I have a fear of being judged and not being liked, but I did it anyway, and I am so glad I did. I finally stepped out of my comfort zone to make someone’s day and show Jesus’ love to someone. I didn’t do it so my friends would see how good of a person I am, I could not care less how good of a person they think I am, to be honest. I did it because I knew I had to and I just wanted to make someone’s day.

      Because of this experience, I am actually eager to love others solely to make them feel loved, when before I would do it just to make myself feel good. I now want to do it not to receive any recognition or even make myself feel good, but  I want to do it for Him and the people that I am helping. So, from today on, I will try to step out of my comfort zone and show God’s love daily. 

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