There lies shambles and ruins
Only remnants of a once beautiful thing
There lies broken and scarred memories
Abandoned and unknown to the world
But it wasn’t always this way
For before the shambles a stunning thing stood
Its beauty illuminated even the darkest nights
Then destruction came
It was ravished by sadness
Its light grew dim
Each day pieces were torn away
Leaving it broken and scarred
And slowly it began to break
Its hope was snatched away by those who didn’t know
Their actions destroyed its beauty
And it continued to fall
Until only these shambles remained

Here lies those shambles
Years later
Still broken and scarred
Pieces still being chipped away
Day after day
The light completely dead
The hope buried in the ground
These already weak and broken shambles
Being crushed again
But there is promise for these shambles
The wreckage of a once beautiful thing
It is being rebuilt
And where the shambles once laid
A more beautiful and stronger thing is being made

The once broken is no longer shambled
Yet it still has scars
And everyday it cracks
But everyday the builder fixes it
When pieces are taken away
The master replaces them
The light that once grew dim
Replaced with an everlasting one
So this beauty that was once shambles
And piles of broken pieces
Never again will be shambles
There were the shambles once laid

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