John 11:35

John 11:35. Jesus wept. The shortest verse in the Bible.Two words. Jesus wept. Although this verse is only two words, it is one of the most profound verses in the Bible. Jesus wept. This verse demonstrates to us just how marvelous God’s son is. He wept. Everyone thinks of God as an amazing, powerful Savior, and that is true, He is all of that and more. But, there is more to Him than just that. He wept. This great, mighty, awesome, powerful Savior, He wept. Humans weep, it is a human action. Humans weep, not the Almighty God. Why would such a powerful being weep and why would He include it in His book. Well, He did it for a simple reason, He wanted to demonstrate to His children His love and understanding. You see, His children think that He is an all powerful and mighty being who should be feared and obeyed. Now, all this is true, however, He is also a loving God who knows everything about us and he knows everything we go through. He also understands our pain. I mean, His perfect son died on the cross for us. His son, who did not know sin, bore our sin. That was pain. He also wept. Weeping, a human emotion, being demonstrated by a perfect Lord. He wept because He was sad. Like humans, Jesus was sad. The great son of God was sad, he understood the pain on those around him and he showed he was fully human, yet fully God. Fully God because he then proceeded to raise Lazarus up from the dead. No human could do that unless God were in him and a part of him. Therefore, by weeping before raising up the dead, Jesus showed us he understands us and although He is God, He was also a human who felt pain.

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